Loving your purchase is my top priority! 

I try my hardest for quality & consistency, however minor imperfections such as small bubbles or fingerprints sometimes do happen. In my own opinion, these markings only add to the beauty of purchasing handmade, as each pair is perfectly imperfect in its own way.  

You will have a unique piece of art that was crafted with thoughtful intention, and         I will never sell a pair that I do not fully stand behind!

Sensitive Ears 

Polymer clay is VERY lightweight. Even some of the largest styles are hard to tell that you're even wearing them! 

I only use surgical grade stainless steel posts and backings on all my earrings.

Earring Care

I hope you feel so good in your earrings you never want to take them off, but please avoid wearing them in the shower or while swimming! Polymer clay and stainless steel won't be damaged in water, but gold leaf and other surface sealants found on many styles may not be as resistent.

I want your earrings to last for years to come!

Make-up and other residues may dirty the earring surface. Wiping down with a  damp cloth or disinfectant wipe will do the trick. 

Returns & Exchanges 

Polymer clay is very durable when properly cured. I quality test each batch to make sure your earrings won't be brittle and break. However, please do NOT intentionally bend!!

If you are unhappy with your purchase, please email me at empowerclayco@gmail.com within one week of receiving your order to exchange for another pair of equal value. 

Returns for damaged/broken earrings within 30 days of purchase will be accepted.